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The Neuroscience is developing rapidly all over the world. The essential feature of the area in 20th century has been its transition from a narrow approach to a comprehensive, complex study of life processes. The need to look at the totality of the neuroscience in terms of the functioning of the brain at the molecular, cellular, genetic and behavioral levels to address major neurological diseases has been fully recognized. The world over, practically all developed nations and many developing countries have dedicated brain research institutions. This is identified as an area of highest priority for basic interdisciplinary research.

Different branches of brain research in Armenia, particularly the neurophysiology of the cerebellum and brain stem motor centers, as well as the physiology of the autonomic nervous system has for decades acknowledged leadership in former Soviet Union. In 1996 the Armenian IBRO Association has been accepted as Corporate Member of   IBRO . Although the history of Armenian's IBRO Association is not very long, already there have been held two conferences of the Association, the second being dedicated to the memory of the outstanding Armenian physiologist, Pavlov's nearest disciple and successor Leon Orbeli (1882-1958) and his school. The creative path of L.Orbeli is distinguished by striking aspiration consistency and integrity of scientific thinking, leading to discoveries of the world importance. Establishment of a modern branches of physiological sciences such as evolutionary physiology, discovery of adaptive-trophic function of sympathetic nervous system, principal participation of elaborating of the theory of higher nervous activity, creation of concepts on coordination of functions and neuroendocrine regulation, development of new theoretical views on function of the cerebellum, sense organs and extreme states - these all are connected with the name of L.Orbeli.
Since 1959 Institute of Physiology of the National Academy of Sciences of Armenia named after Leon Orbeli and has taken initiative to consolidate and link national efforts in many modern fields of brain research